Northants Dog Training Club

Kennel Club registered since 1956

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History of Northants Dog Training Club

The 50's

The club was started in 1953 by a group of eight people who owned Alsatians, forming the Northamptonshire Alsatian Club. However, soon after it was suggested that the club should be opened to all dogs. This was done and eventually after an Extraordinary General Meeting in September 1955, it was agreed to change the title of the Club and so the Northants Dog Training Club came into existence. Classes were held outside at the Ex-Servicemen’s Club in Sheep Street Northampton. Annual membership was 10/6d (52.5p) and the weekly training fee was 1/- (5p). Some members were having success at Obedience Shows and Working Trials, demonstrations were given and an Exemption Show was held in December.

In March 1956, the official registration was received from The Kennel Club and we donated 10% of the fees charged for several demonstrations to Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. We held our first Open Obedience Show in 1959 in conjunction with Co-operative Society Fete at Delepre Park a total of 56 entries were received, 23 Novice, 11 Test "A", 13 Test "B" and 9 Test "C". We also acquired the Holy Sepulchre's Church rooms for indoor classes

The 60's

In 1960 Tuesday night training started at the A.T.C. Headquarters for committee, instructors and competitive members. Obedience classes were included in the Abington Park Show for the first time. Members won the Heart of England Show Team event and our Chairman George Rowland won a third C.C. with his German Shepherd Dog Otto, making him an Obedience Champion. A newsletter for the Club was started called "The Recall". The fiancial statement at the A.G.M. showed a bank balance in three figures for the first time.

A branch of the Club started at Blisworth in 1961, classes were held on Wednesday evenings and the Northampton indoor classes moved to St. Andrew's Church rooms for 25/- (£1.25) a night, which was considered very expensive. The Open Show was held for the first time at British Timken Sports Ground and entries had grown to 146. A film made of the club activities was sent to Cascade Dog Training Club in Canada at their request.

In 1962 a second branch was started at Corby, the instructors took the classes on rotation. The Club also provided security for an event at Sywell Aerodrome over four nights.

In 1963 the weekly training fee was increased to 1/6d (7.5p) and we had members from Coventry, Cambridge and the Peterborough area, and even one non-attending member who lived in Moscow, Russia. Our team won the Team shield at Leamington Guide Dog Show, and we came second at The Heart of England Show. Our Open Show had now increased to ten classes for the first time.

During 1966 the Blisworth and Corby branches were now able to stand on their own, so becoming clubs in their own right. The Open Show entry for this year was 401, being the record for any Midlands club.

In 1968 John Reeves and his dog Inge won the bitch Supreme Obedience Championship, and Mrs. Faulconbridge won with her male dog, so for the first time both winners belonged to the same club.

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